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March 10, 2010



I used to use asafeotida ("heeng") quite often -- when I was a vegetarian. You've got me wanting to revisit the stuff and introduce it into unothordox dishes. What a great idea..... it is the "barnyard" of spices -- but it doesn't take much at all

It's used by the Jain and many Vaishnavas because nothing is uprooted (which would guartanee some worm murder) -- hence the no garlic..... onion.... potato..... I remember a Jain run restaurant in Buena Park (near Knott's erry Farm) where they used green plantains... and called them "Jain Potatoes"


that neck stew looks BOMB! and stuart, been meaning to ask, can you give me any tips for good malbecs that are readily available in la?

Stuart Krimko

Definitely check out the heeng in all kinds of stuff. I want to try some more lamb, with yogurt, heeng, etc. Cook it in a clay pot or some such.

Sam -- I have responded to you personally -- will try to suss out the malbec situation shortly. I'm going to Argentina in April, so I'll have even more ideas for you after that.

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