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September 28, 2009


Anthony Coleman

Jason, if you go back far enough (circa 1981) you might remember the Knights of Columbus sign the hung just west of the entrance (and east of Woolworth's). Myself and a couple of other classmates from Calhoun are the reason it's no longer there.
I remember when there were individual lights in the booths on the back room. UGH


The DH is my sanctuary.... I met my wife there on a blind date 5 years ago, got engage there 5 years later - now 5 years later, my wife is "with child".... I'm trying to negotiate that we have the birth in the back room and baptism there to follow a year after that.

I will be there later tonight...

Truly a MAGICAL place..

Adam Bomb 1701

My uncle owns the "Dublin House", and I was thrilled when I heard it mentioned in the "Mad Men" episode. Except for (IIRC) making the bar longer, it has remained pretty much unchanged since the 1960's.

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