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March 16, 2009


Jason Hamilton

Weed and pizza... it is all about the grease and the ability to devour the grease.


The water from 2-4 fresh coconuts (about 2 pints) usually does the trick, or at least sets a good baseline for the day's remaining efforts- zapping that total-dehydration/hollowed-out-feeling almost instantly. "Experts" say coconut water is a fine balance of proteins, antioxidants, good fats and sugars, and isotonic electrolytes, and apparently it's pure and sterile enough to be injected intravenously and used in blood transfusions. Try that with Gatorade. Anyway, it works. If there are no palms in your neighborhood, check the store for the "fresh young thai" coconuts, and stock up the night before. No one wants an epic grocery store tour in that condition.

Crazy Rich

So true...Bob is only made to leave by more booze...and the White Maiden...

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